About Us

• Company History

Mistequay International (PVT.) Limited is a private limited company incorporated in Pakistan in 2005. The project was envisioned and initiated under the patronage of the leadership team at Mistequay Group, Ltd. a precision machining company based in Michigan USA.

• Why Pakistan?

Pakistan offers similar advantages as India and China in terms of the availability of technically trained human resources and cost structures. Our experience in ramping up operations has validated our perception that Pakistan is suitable for engineering and technology based industrial projects. Moreover, we enjoy a much lesser degree of competition over local resources compared to other popular destinations of international commerce.


• Manufacturing Strategy

We are a precision machining services company. Our core competence is our flexibility due in part to a strategically developed expertise in quick setups, clean startups and efficient production runs irrespective of lot size.

        Our agility in setups enables us to run small production batches cost efficiently, paving our way to compete in the western markets where labor intensive changeovers are expensive. We have ingrained quality at the grass roots level, training and equipping all our operators to perform in line inspection checks at each operation.

        The quality control department is supporting and monitoring the operations following a quality system carefully designed by the parent companies’ corporate quality control department aimed to achieve zero defects as its ultimate goal.

        We have developed a capacity for a diverse range of machining services, including high precision, tight tolerance CNC Turning, CNC Milling, Surface/O.D./I.D./ Centerless Grinding, EDM, Broaching, Spline Cutting, Fixtures and Tools, Prototype Dies and Assemblies.

        We specialize in highly processed parts requiring multiple machining operations. We have the capacity to procure raw materials, castings and forgings, as well as offsite services like heat treatment, anodizing and surface finishing.


• Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide our customers with a higher level of satisfaction than anticipated, a finer product than requested and unparalleled professionalism as we outperform the competition.